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Santa Cruz Clinic

Tuesday 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

1777 Capitola Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(Between 17th & Chanticleer, across from Live Oak Elementary School)

Clinic Operations Manager: Ron Sekkel (831) 588-7004
Clinic Coordinator: Sister Michaella Siplak
Medical Director: Satish Chandra, MD

  • Minor illnesses/injuries
  • Referrals
  • Prescriptions

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Quarterly Newsletter

Ron Sekkel, Clinic Operations Manager

A Unique Perspective!

The Santa Cruz RotaCare Free Medical Clinic’s COM (Clinic Operations Manager) is Ron Sekkel. That’s me! I have piano lessons on Tuesdays, the same day as RotaCare has Clinic night in Santa Cruz.

Calls to the clinic during the week ring on my cell phone.
At my piano lesson I noticed an unidentified call coming in. My first reaction was to respond with the automatic “Sorry, I can’t talk right now”.

A few seconds later an Instant Message came in. “Hi. I looked at the RotaCare web site. Is it open tonight at 6:30? I have a diabetic toe. Infected. Thank You, (fictitious name)@831XXX-XXXX. No need to call back if you are open. 6:30 PM I will be there.”
OK I better call to assure that person that we would be open but … if her problem was serious enough she should go to the Emergency Room. She said “she could wait and would be at the Clinic that night.”

Seconds later another Instant Message came in and it said “Thank you for All You Do for people in need”. What could she mean? She sounded new to the clinic. She wrote her name and I returned to my lesson. 

Several hours later, walking around the clinic I inadvertently heard someone talk about familiar symptoms … I asked if she was (fictitious name). She said yes.  I told her that it was me on the phone and that her last instant message puzzled me.
Why was she “Thanking us for all we do for people in need”. Had she ever been to our clinic before?

She quickly volunteered that she had been in our clinic a year before and that her visit to our doctors prevented her from having to have her foot amputated…..
That’s why were there!

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