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RotaCare Bay Area Clinics

Innovative Projects

RotaCare Bay Area Clinics to Implement Electronic Health Records
RotaCare Bay Area Clinics will be implementing an electronic health record system in the coming quarter.  The goal is to have all clinics on the system by 2018.  There are many benefits to the clinics using an electronic system. The system will include a patient management system, patient record system and a patient portal.  Patients will have access to their medical records.  They will also be able to communicate with the clinics electronically.  This innovative system will allow us to generate reports to maintain our quality measures.  The clinics will have the ability to collect reliable key performance indicators.  We are excited about the implementation and will keep you informed as the implementation progresses over the next year. 

Collaborative Projects

RotaCare Bay Area Clinics Collaborates with PAMF and Operation Access for Surgeries
Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and Operation Access partner with RotaCare Bay Area clinics to provide surgeries and specialty care to patients without insurance.    RotaCare Bay Area appreciates PAMF and Operation Access for their collaborative efforts to help patients who most need it. 

Expansion Projects

RotaCare Bay Area Adapts to Meet Community Needs
Our clinics are expanding their service capacity to accommodate patient needs especially in the prevention and management of injury through physical therapy and chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and respiratory conditions. We are exploring expanding our clinical reach into other regions such as Stockton, a growing community within the San Joaquin Valley.

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